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Division 7 Technologies, LLC is a manufacturer's representative firm located in Jacksonville, Florida.  We represent the following high quality roofing and waterproofing products:

High Quality Roof Drains & Accessories for commercial roofing projects.   www.portalsplus.com
Milcor Roof Hatches and Safety Rails            www.milcorinc.com
LBPlastics.jpg           www.lbplastics.com 
   L.B. Plastics is over 40 years old and was one of the first companies to manufacture quality PVC Railings and Column Covers.
Polyglass is a leading manufacturer of modified bitumen roofing, waterproofing membranes and roof coatings.  Polyglass pioneered the self-adhered bitumen system paving the way for this type of installation method.  

Ecostarlogo1.jpg              www.ecostarllc.com

 Ecostar is a leading manufacturer of synthetic slate and cedar shake roofing products. These time tested, premium roofing tiles are made from 80% recycled rubber and plastics and offer beauty and durability while being environmentally friendly.  No trees are used in Ecostar shake and no stones are quarried for Ecostar slate.

 Kingspanlogo.jpg  www.kingspanlightandair.us

Kingspan Light and Air makes the industry's most thermally efficient and durable non-glass skylights.  Kingspan offers commercial metal framed skylights, safety cages and residential skylights so that customers can achieve improved building performance. 


situralogo.gif      www.situra.com   

SITURA’s RedLINE®, FlamLINE® and AquaLINE® waterproof expansion joints are rapidly becoming the industry standard in quality assurance and reliability for monolithic, seamless, zero profile, maintenance free expansion joints in commercial and industrial roofing and waterproofing.